We offer mixing/mastering services at an affordable price. Below are a few examples of tracks that we have mix/mastered. Before sending payment or requesting a quote, please read the instructions and requirements.


  • – Please send the session stems in .WAV format with a reference track so we can know how the song should be arranged
  • – We accepted either a .zip or .rar of all the files
  • – You can use these various websites to send your session (,, or


  • – Make sure your files contain no major pre or post production effects
  • – Only send what youíd like us to mix. We do not audition tracks for the final mix
  • – You are allowed up to 3 major revisions.

Number of Song(s)

Need a custom producer tag? We offer those services at an affordable cost. Please allow 1 – 4 days for delivery.

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